Tuesday, October 12, 2010

K-Pop Domination: Good or Bad Influence?


              "Nobody", a ditty with cheesy dance moves equipped with a clap-point-clap groove,"Bonamana","Run devil Run", and "Tell me Goodbye" are only some of the popular hits that dominate most asian countries including the Philippines.
              Nowadays, Korean boybands and Girl groups are influential to the music industry next to the Canadian Pop Icon heartthrob, Justin Bieber. Some of them are 2ne1, Wonder Girls, Super Junior,U-kiss,BEAST, Bigbang,2PM, and SS501. They influence most of the Filipino teens these days with those Funky hairstyles(and those huge and long bangs that almost cover their faces), fashionable clothes, trendy shoes, coal eyeliners, eccentric shades and the bangs flip trademark.
             Everywhere I go I hear people playing those K-pop hits with their cellphones, MP4, PSP,etc. I don't know why they love it even though they don't really know the content of the songs they're playing. Well maybe, it's because of the groove and the beat the songs have, but still, singing something that you don't is quite odd. And yet, the people love it, no matter what the language is as long as it has "The Beat" they've been looking for.
             At present, teens are looking,talking,moving, and singing like one of those Korean popstars. These result to the development of the P-pop as what they all say. One of them is the "XLR8" a boyband composed of Filipino Teens. Some are half some are pure who really look, move, and sing like one of those Korean boybands. 
              I was amazed at first when i heard their single "You're so Hot" .Because i thought it was a Korean group who sang that single but when the Filipino twang lines was sung my mouth hanged open, and when at last i saw the video a couldn't believe that these dudes here are Filipinos because they look like more of a Korean boyband to me. Another was the "Popgirls" a girl group which is the Philippine counterpart of Korea's Girl's Generation. Oh well, too much admiration leads to imitation then, eh?
             To tell you the truth, there' nothing wrong  with admiring K-pops,J-pops,etc. But i just want to warn you though that admiration is not  the proper excuse to be a photocopy of the celebrities whom you idolize because originality is still the best. You have to be you, you don't have to mimic those K-pops to be famous and to be noticed. 
              What about are culture? What about our pride? Aren't they important to you? As a Filipino we must first learn to appreciate and to be proud of our own culture before we idolize others.What will happen to this country then if all the citizens here would be hypnotized by those K-pops? Will the Filipino culture drop down to extinction for the Korean popstars would have dominion over us? Well, I know it sounds impossible but who knows?
              Even though the K-pop syndrome opens trades and friendships between us Filipinos and Koreans we must first consider the fact that those K-pops are slowly influencing our teenage populace. 
              Before it's too late, we must open the minds not only the teens but also the grown ups to teach themselves the proper way to show admiration without destroying one's true identity beyond others. 
              Therefore, K-pop domination both have a good and bad aspects and influence on each of us depending on the person who admires them. ;)!


  1. My ex-girlfriend was a crazy obsessed k-pop fan-girl. I thought of this too. I completely agree. Asian Americans are losing their originality and identity as a person. All their characteristics as a person, beliefs, values, etc. are all derived from one source--Korean media. It's awful. Their fashion sense become like the ones in Korean fashion. The music they enjoy listening to become mostly k-pop. Even their behavior is influenced by Korean media. Girls start picking up a Korean word or two from Korean dramas and claim they know how to speak the Korean language. They watch Korean music videos and follow the mainstream YouTubers by doing Korean song covers and learn the choreography of the music videos.. It's corruption to the Western Asian minds..